Management Games

Management games are methods of dynamic training that deploy organizational models in work environment.

The output of a management game workshop can be a great deal of unique ideas and guiding principles for operationalizing ideas and increasing team coherence in timely implementation of bold ideas.

The main reason for using management games is that these games create conditions for the participant to experience not through experiencing in real life, which can cause financial loss or loosing dignity due to incorrect decisions, but rather it is a game which is simulated with real life.







Management game’s participant learn how key business decisions impact sales, financial, operational and market processes. Once they have completed the game, they have a greater understanding of how to make managerial decisions and how these decisions affect business goals attainment.


The management games can be very realistic and can be used to achieve very serious goals. These games are very exciting and have powerful educational tools that can enhance the understanding and ability to make decisions and solve problems. In addition, these games raise awareness of many factors that should be considered in organizational decisions.

Management games services include implementing and conducting games related to:


  • Business Planning


  • Leadership


  • Negotiation Principals and Skills


  • Decision-making Principals


  • Marketing and Sales


  • Team and Group Working 


  • Success 


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