Solution finding and Decision making

Some of the issues that have always been a concern for managers are employee’s problem dealing methods, finding the best solution and using the necessary skills to make the right decisions.

The problem usually creates a situation that causes confusion. When a problem occurs, doing daily job is not as normal as usual and it is difficult to find the source of the problem. However, problems are an inseparable part of the working life of all human beings. In order to reduce the impact of the problems and resulting tensions on employees, they must be familiar with the methods of coping and logical confrontation with problems and tensions, and implementing these methods in daily life.


Charsoq stands by you to lead your organization on the path to success.






Charsoq is at your side and teaches you all the processes and methods of identification, problem solving and decision making. This service includes a step by step training program and you can easily follow and implement it.

Solution finding and Decision making services are as follow:


  • Defining and Identifying organizational problems
  • Problem solving techniques and detection test of your personal way of dealing with the problem
  • Problem solving effective methods
  • Analyzing and classifying problems in Solution Diamond format
  • Presenting possible solutions and predicting possible outcomes, considering time and importance in Decision Diamond format
  • Defining and recognizing correct and incorrect decisions
  • How others contribute to our decisions


Important factors in decision making:


  •  Six tricks of decision making and their recognition methods
  •  Personal and group designing of Decision Diamond Solution workshop


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