E-detailing service makes it possible for HCPs to have an interactive connection with product content and features. In addition, as this service has all the content needed to create a unique experience for HCPs, it can empower med reps when introduce products and present them for HCPs.

Charsoq’s expert team, enables you to communicate effectively with Health Care Professional’s (HCPS) and easily presenting products to them in unique and distinguished ways using digital technology and the latest possible tools. Using this service will increase your brand awareness in customers’ minds and also, improve you brand image dramatically.


 E-detailing services are as follows:


  • Unique graphic


  • Interactive and user-friendly


  • Receiving information in any moment online


  • Multi-platform (ability to run on multiple digital platforms like: Web, iOS, Android)


  • Online and Offline usability 


  • Being able to add message/comment to presentation


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