Data mining

Data mining is the process of analyzing, sorting and categorizing and extracting meaningful data from large data bank sets to identify patterns and establish relationships to solve problems. Data mining is used by many pharmaceutical companies to turn raw data into useful information.

Data mining programs identify and analyze relationships and patterns in data based on what user’s request. Patterns that cannot be identified without using advanced statistical and mathematical modeling techniques available to these software applications, even for experts in organization’s sales and marketing departments. By using data mining soft wares, businesses can learn more about their customers and develop more effective marketing strategies as well as increase sales and decrease costs with more confident relying on mathematical identified patterns. This process is applicable in almost every pharmaceutical application area including drug production, drug distribution and information processing. Pharmaceutical companies can use data mining programs in all stages of sale, marketing, and HCP’s identification processes and so on.


Data mining services are as follows:


  • Predicting sales volume of products for each Pharmacy/ Distributor/Distributor Center


  • Clustering pharmacies and identifying their characteristics 


  • Calculating the life time value (LTV) of pharmacies/ Distributor Centers


  • Segmenting Pharmacies based on their RFM Factors 


  • Determining Pharmacies’ Rank per each Product


  • Determining customers loyalty


  • Identifying customers purchasing behavior


  • Predicting the customers churn
  • Determining optimized combination of products to be sold together


  • Determining the Marketing value of each Brand/Product


  • Measuring the detailing impact on pharmacies’ Sale and Physician Prescribing


  • Determining each representative’s rank by evaluating their sale performance  


  • Determining physicians’ rank per each product


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Are you looking for a new marketing service?
MARIS – Marketing Information System

MARIS is a professional marketing and sales analyzing software that coordinates all marketing activities in terms of accomplishing visit and sale goals according to the estimated budget. Currently, this product is known as “scientific visit software” in Iran’s market.

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IDIS - Innovative Distribution Information System
 IDIS is a professional sale and sales analysis software for distributors that coordinates all organization’s activities in terms of accomplishing sale goals and according to their perspective.

The distribution process is one of the most important and complex marketing activities. Distributing the right product, at the right time and in the right place can help companies overtake their competitors, become market leaders and gain competitive advantage. Furthermore, this process can reduce logistics costs. Charsoq has designed Innovative Distribution Information System (IDIS) using a team of professional marketing consultants and marketing processes and sale’s automation engineers, and constantly customize it according to characteristics of local market and upgrade it based on the latest national and international standards.

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Analytical Services

How much do you know your competitors?

How much your competitors have expanded their markets?

What specific/unique features do your competitors’ products have? 

What is the most realistic possible segmentation in the market?

What do your customers have in common? Where are their differentiation points?

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Cash Flow Management

Cash flow in a company is like blood flow in body. Although many companies do Profitable activities, there is a possibility that they are in cries due to the lack of cash flow. 

Today in most organizations, there are powerful financial systems but in Project-based companies, these systems have certain requirements.one of required capabilities in Project-based companies is the possibility of a Permanent comparison of paid payments.

Company’s managers need to investigate, control and analysis cash flow statement in their organizations. In fact, cash flows in a company are like financial thermometers for executives therefore, managers look for analysis and manage cash flows so that, they can control their cost and benefit. Consequently, they can make better decision about their organization’s current activities.

But the organizations structures are different. Some of them are project-based and some of them are operation-based or commercial (as it will be called in this text). So cash flows can be either because of projects or other operation than the projects


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