MARIS – Marketing Information System

MARIS is a professional marketing and sales analyzing software that coordinates all marketing activities in terms of accomplishing visit and sale goals according to the estimated budget. Currently, this product is known as “scientific visit software” in Iran’s market.


Charsoq has been in the market for over a decade by launching the Marketing Information System software, using a team of professional marketing consultants and automation engineers for marketing and sales processes and with a problem-solving and process improvement approach. Over the course of this period, it has continuously upgraded the system based on internal market changes and it has been improved to meet international and national standards ever since.

Some of the services of Maris are as follows:


  • Physicians, Pharmacies and Hospitals Databank
  • Designing detailing campaigns 
  • Determining action plan for med reps
  • Visits data entry methods 
    • Desktop
    • Web
    • Android Tablet (E-detailing) (online and offline)
  • Automatic detection of performance deviations 
  • Integrating sales data from different distributors
  • Pharmacies sales tracking system (Aggregation of Different Distributors)
  • Performing surveys and providing usable data for Marketing research projects
  • Competitors analysis
  • Account character recognition
  • Coaching
  • Momentary reviewing the fulfillment of sales target based on month, city, product and customer
  • Allocating products to Distributors and their Centers 
  • Forecasting market basket and its volume in different levels; customer to distributor (Using Data mining)
  • Evaluating distributors’ coverage ratio
  • Determining cold customers/Zero Customers(Using Data mining)
  • Evaluating med reps by supervisor
  • Observing med rep’s path, the duration of the visit, route analysis and the presence of the med rep in defined location on the map options
  • Sending SMS to customers
  • Dashboard
  • Visit frequency
  • Classifying the customers automatically
  • Providing health care’s indices for each product (Awareness, Use, Interest, Trial, Order, OTC, RX, Availability, Stock, Sales…)
  • Notifying user’s sign in and sing out to managers and supervisors via SMS
  • Determining health care and pharmacies rate for each department and product line
  • Preventing users from register a visit in an unauthorized area
  • Checking RFML’s indices (Recency, Frequency, Monetary, Length)
  • And more than ten other analyzing services using the latest Data Mining techniques 


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CI (Customer Insight) Based Qualitative Research

Who is currently buying your products and services?

How do these customers live?

Currently, what are the most effective sociological patterns on these people’s lives? What needs do they have?

Based on which inner motives do they buy or refuse to buy?

What are the hidden or unanswered needs of these customers?

What are the reasons for refusing to purchase by customers who buy your competitor’s products?

What changes in your products can encourage buyers to buy more by better response to their needs?

What is the most important benefit that your brand can offer to customers? Why?


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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is contacting and influencing carefully chosen prospects.  In healthcare industry, direct marketing can improve relationship between healthcare company representatives and physicians and as a result, brings more product sale for the company.

Using direct marketing method, reduce marketing expenses, empower customers, and create specific brand value positioning and competitive advantages as well.

Direct marketing objectives are as following:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Improving Brand Image
  • Increasing Brand Awareness


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IDIS - Innovative Distribution Information System
 IDIS is a professional sale and sales analysis software for distributors that coordinates all organization’s activities in terms of accomplishing sale goals and according to their perspective.

The distribution process is one of the most important and complex marketing activities. Distributing the right product, at the right time and in the right place can help companies overtake their competitors, become market leaders and gain competitive advantage. Furthermore, this process can reduce logistics costs. Charsoq has designed Innovative Distribution Information System (IDIS) using a team of professional marketing consultants and marketing processes and sale’s automation engineers, and constantly customize it according to characteristics of local market and upgrade it based on the latest national and international standards.

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Data mining

Data mining is the process of analyzing, sorting and categorizing and extracting meaningful data from large data bank sets to identify patterns and establish relationships to solve problems. Data mining is used by many pharmaceutical companies to turn raw data into useful information.

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