Quantitative Research

What are the most significant features of your products and services?



Who can be the new buyers of your product or service?



Are your current pricing policies efficient?


What are the price sensitivity / Elasticity indexes of your product?


What is the importance of issues such as quality, price, effectiveness, etc in your customer's decision-making process?


In the next few years, who will be your serious competitors?


What is your brand’s image?


What are new products and services that your brand can offer to customers?









Data collected in quantitative research is analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistical techniques and in consideration of the latest findings of marketing strategies content in order to answer one important question:


What is going on in your business and industry environment?


Charsoq Market research department by implementing accurate data monitoring protocols in all quantitative executive project steps, draws an accurate image of realities in business environment and helps companies determine and accomplish marketing strategies.


Our services in this section include:


  • Census Project


  • Retail Audit


  • Market Study


  • Market Size and Market Share Estimation


  • Recall Test


  • Brand Research (Brand Health Tracking, Brand Awareness, Brand Usage Share, Purchase Behavior, etc)


  • Price Sensitivity


  • Product Study (Taste, Packing, Features, etc)


  • Usage and Attitude (U & A)



These services are mostly implemented by the following quantitative methods:


  • F2F (Face to Face  Interviews)


  • Door to Door Interviews


  • CLT (Central Location) Interviews


  • Retail Interviews


  • Online Surveys


  • B2B (Business to Business) Interviews


  • Panel surveys


  • Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing Survey (CATI)



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CI (Customer Insight) Based Qualitative Research

Who is currently buying your products and services?

How do these customers live?

Currently, what are the most effective sociological patterns on these people’s lives? What needs do they have?

Based on which inner motives do they buy or refuse to buy?

What are the hidden or unanswered needs of these customers?

What are the reasons for refusing to purchase by customers who buy your competitor’s products?

What changes in your products can encourage buyers to buy more by better response to their needs?

What is the most important benefit that your brand can offer to customers? Why?


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Analytical Services

How much do you know your competitors?

How much your competitors have expanded their markets?

What specific/unique features do your competitors’ products have? 

What is the most realistic possible segmentation in the market?

What do your customers have in common? Where are their differentiation points?

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Cash Flow Management

Cash flow in a company is like blood flow in body. Although many companies do Profitable activities, there is a possibility that they are in cries due to the lack of cash flow. 

Today in most organizations, there are powerful financial systems but in Project-based companies, these systems have certain requirements.one of required capabilities in Project-based companies is the possibility of a Permanent comparison of paid payments.

Company’s managers need to investigate, control and analysis cash flow statement in their organizations. In fact, cash flows in a company are like financial thermometers for executives therefore, managers look for analysis and manage cash flows so that, they can control their cost and benefit. Consequently, they can make better decision about their organization’s current activities.

But the organizations structures are different. Some of them are project-based and some of them are operation-based or commercial (as it will be called in this text). So cash flows can be either because of projects or other operation than the projects


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