CI (Customer Insight) Based Qualitative Research

Who is currently buying your products and services?


How do these customers live?


Currently, what are the most effective sociological patterns on these people’s lives? What needs do they have?


Based on which inner motives do they buy or refuse to buy?


What are the hidden or unanswered needs of these customers?


Why do customers who buy your competitor’s products refuse to purchase yours?


Which kind of adjustment in your products enables you to fulfill needs of your customers and encourage them to buy?


What is the most important benefit that your brand can offer to customers? Why?

CI-based (Customer Insight) Qualitative Research does not rely on only numbers, graphs, and statistical analyses. This method of research provides you with a narrative of your customers and their lives along with the presentation of the data. A narrative that helps you know your customer’s psychological depth and in the light of this immediate and intimate understanding of the customer, you can get a better understanding of their beliefs, their hidden needs, and the experiences that they have out of your products.

From this perspective, qualitative research goes further beyond mechanical process for collecting raw data and mathematical and statistical analysis and turns into a process that can change your customers from numbers and anonymous characters among the charts to multi-dimensional characters. Understanding these characters helps you perceive the motives behind their decisions to get realistic and practical insights of customer’s purchase behavior, have a human-based and meaningful communication with them and distribute your products at the best place and at the best time to the most appropriate people. Creating this unique competitive advantage, provide a unique and unreachable competitive position for your business.


Our services  in this section include:


  • Laddering Project


  • Usage and Purchase


  • Brand Image


  • Brand Personality


  • Ad-test


  • Concept Test


  • Pre & Post Campaign Evaluation


These services are mostly implemented by the following qualitative methods:


  • Gang Survey


  • Focus Group Discussion (FGD)


  • Mini Group Discussion (MGD)


  • In-depth Interviews (IDI)


  • In-paired Interviews (IPI)


  • In-home Visit (IHV)


  • Mystery Shopping


  • Shop Along


  • Blind Test


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