Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is contacting and influencing carefully chosen prospects.  In healthcare industry, direct marketing can improve relationship between healthcare company representatives and physicians and as a result, brings more product sale for the company.

Using direct marketing method, reduce marketing expenses, empower customers, and create specific brand value positioning and competitive advantages as well.


Direct marketing objectives are as following:

  • Cost Reduction
  • Improving Brand Image
  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Customer Engagement and Empowerment
  • Creating Brand Value 
  • Creating Competitive Advantage
  • Quick Adjustment to Market Changes
  • Building Positive Word-of-Mouth 
  • For Business Growth
  • Identifying Customer Needs Before Competitors
  • Converting Leads into Sales

  Tele marketing

Using Tele marketing in healthcare industry, can create a deep relationship between pharmaceutical company’s TSRs and HCPs and as a result, provides more sale, solves technical issues easily, retains current customer and attracts potential customer, and increases sale territory.


This marketing method provides an interactive relationship. In addition, it can facilitate product introduction and presentation to HCPs. Utilizing this service, increase brand awareness and improve brand image.





Social Media

Social media marketing is an excellent platform for healthcare companies to create awareness about diseases and treatments, build brand awareness, Create HCPs support groups and communities, Upload innovative audiovisual posts, and hold social media campaign.

 Online advertising

Online advertising is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. In healthcare industry, this method can be implemented between health care professionals (HCPs) and pharmaceutical company’s representatives. 

This method includes, advertising on related online magazines and websites, announcing special sale and offers, designing a simple and user-friendly mobile application and so on.

Email Marketing

This marketing method leads to more customers returning and thus increasing the number of loyal customers. In healthcare industry, medical updates and abstracts, opinion polls, medical newsletters, medical articles and the newest therapies are examples of content that can be sent to HCPs via email.

 Text Messaging

Sending text messages is one of the oldest marketing methods used in healthcare field and many healthcare active marketers use this method. Moreover, many healthcare marketing campaigns succeed because of using this method.


Postal Mailing

This marketing method involves sending an announcement or a reminder to HCPs through mailing. It is a popular medium as it permits pharmaceutical companies select target market and be personalized.

Video Marketing

Video marketing methods have been used by most well-known healthcare brands all over the world. This method includes: Virtual Event for HCPs, design short serial videos on company website/social media/mobile application , hold video marketing campaign and …

Fax messaging

 By combining postal mailing, email marketing and fax marketing, important announcements and messages can be disseminated quickly.



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