Training and Empowering Reps & Sales Staff

Charsoq takes on the challenging processes of HR management, including recruitment, training, empowerment, and Employee activity planning.

The Charsoq’s professional team plans and conducts training courses considering your company's potential and exclusive needs.


Variety of marketing practices, instability and rapid changes in the business environment make timely decision making in market a major concern for managers. Implementing strategic management processes at different levels of the organizations’ hierarchy level, deploying new technologies, entering new markets and using various marketing channels, each imposes high costs on organizations. On the other hand, the effectiveness of the aforementioned policies without using the intellectual and practical potential of the specialists would not be possible; These specialists are the same consultants who know the organization and considering all its strengths and weaknesses, they will present and implement the best solutions.





Achieving success at this level requires the cooperation of all the staff of the organization. Training and Empowerment of human resources which are the most important asset of each company is a time consuming activity that makes timely decision making a difficult challenge.


Charsoq stands by you to lead your organization on the path to success.



Training syllabuses for training and empowering the sales team are as follows:

  • Marketing principals and skills
  • Understanding the international pharmaceutical (cosmetic or health) market
  • An overview of the history of companies’ presence in Iran
  • Methods and skills to motivate physicians and pharmacists
  • Effective communications
  • Principles and techniques of negotiation
  • Recognizing and classifying physicians and pharmacists
  • Locating and routing
  • Brand
  • Targeting in the visit cycle
  • Visiting process: Start / Explore / Support / Different types of Endings
  • 30-70 principal
  • Objection coping and objection planning principals 
  • Visit classification and evaluation principals
  • Principals and basics of competitor’s behavior
  • Monthly and quarterly classification and analysis of visits 


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Management Games

Management games are methods of dynamic training that deploy organizational models in work environment.

The output of a management game workshop can be a great deal of unique ideas and guiding principles for operationalizing ideas and increasing team coherence in timely implementation of bold ideas.

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Solution finding and Decision making

Some of the issues that have always been a concern for managers are employee’s problem dealing methods, finding the best solution and using the necessary skills to make the right decisions.

The problem usually creates a situation that causes confusion. When a problem occurs, doing daily job is not as normal as usual and it is difficult to find the source of the problem. However, problems are an inseparable part of the working life of all human beings. In order to reduce the impact of the problems and resulting tensions on employees, they must be familiar with the methods of coping and logical confrontation with problems and tensions, and implementing these methods in daily life.

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Other Services

Other services include courses such as:

  • Basics of distribution
  • Basics of personal management
  • Basis of Reporting
  • Basics of product identification
  • Product knowledge 
  • Product action mechanism


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E-detailing service makes it possible for HCPs to have an interactive connection with product content and features. In addition, as this service has all the content needed to create a unique experience for HCPs, it can empower med reps when introduce products and present them for HCPs. 

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